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Aristote habits


Habits – what to do, what not to do

10 Aug , 2016  

Aristote Quote

we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit – Aristote

Habits – Interpretation

This quote describe habits as a way to become an expert at something. So it is primordial to acquire good habits in order to excel a specific skill. It usually takes time to change your habits, but even if it takes you 1 or 2 years it is very important to outweigh the pro and cons of your habits. Some habits helps you to improve and get closer to success, while others stops you or slow you down.

5 common habits that everyone should stay away from

  1. Watching TV: it is fine to watch TV as a reward or as a way to learn, but most of the time it is unfortunately a very unproductive way to achieve your dreams.
  2. Social Media: Social media platforms are nowadays great tools to share content and ideas but could quickly become a bad habit and lead to hours and hours spent everyday to look at what other people are doing. only look at what is important and make sure to track your time.
  3. Browsing the internet: I found that it is very easy to get lost on the internet reading one article from one website and looking at other links that redirect to other articles. ending up wasting an hour when I should have only spent 15 mins or less.
  4. Friends: friends are great, and we always need them. However, sometimes we need to stay focus on our goal and concentrate to our daily tasks. Friends could slow us down. Do not be afraid to say no when they ask you to hang out, especially when you are busy. And, of course, choose carefully your friends.
  5. Starting something without finishing it: I found that most people start to change their habit with a great intention to improve. But after a few weeks they decide to stop because they think it is too hard. If you start something, just finish what you promise yourself to do. This will give you confidence to give you new challenges and keep persisting. Nothing is easy!

5 common habits that you should create

  1. Stay Healthy: I know some people would argue that this has nothing to do with building a product or service but going to the gym and eating healthy helps you to stay more productive and, from my experience, the best habit I found to stay positive.
  2. Study: at least 5 to 20 hours a week reading books, listening to videos or whatever helps you to sharp your skills. Be specific about what you want to improve.
  3. Work hard: if you are working on a project, you should spend at least a few hours a day working on improving the service or product when you work full time otherwise at least 40 to 60 hours if you do not have any other source of income.
  4. Stay Focus: this is a really important habit to have. Habits works only if you stay focus on what you do. For example, some people start working on a project, and after a while decide to stop and start a new project. Even though they have good habits, they have to start from the ground again.
  5. Being Proactive: instead of blaming other people and denying responsibilities, we should understand the situation and take action to fix the problem. For instance, many people often says that there is no job opportunities because of economic recessions. Instead they should be focusing on improving their communication or best known skills. If they keep persisting, they will end up getting a job.

Those habits are from personal experience and are unique among individuals. Always readjust your habits if you think they could be improved. Over the years you could learn better ways to improve your habits so it is always primordial to reevaluate them constantly at least every few months.

Please leave a comment below and share your good or bad habits. Really interested to get everyone’s opinion.



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