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Top 5 website brokers that help you sell or buy a website

Top 5

Top 5 website brokers that help you sell or buy a website

23 Oct , 2017  

After having a discussion with a friend about buying an existing website instead of starting a website from scratch, I decided to look on the internet and see what I could find. To my surprise, I found several website brokers that sell all kind of business from a low traffic website up to a multi-million dollar online business with millions of monthly views. So, here is an article about the 5 most interesting brokers found on the internet at the time of this article. Although there were a few names, it was quite hard to find much information about those companies.

Top 5 Brokers

Here is the list:


Type of sell: Auction

Flippa is potentially the leader in the market. It offers various opportunities such as starter websites and established websites. Most websites are quite affordable. However, it is important to look carefully at each website as not all of them appear to be interesting.

Empire Flipper

Type of sell: fixed price

Website for sale from $50k to $2 million+

Empire flipper has an interesting list of websites to sell. The quality of those websites are pretty high and has some high return on investment. Those are only established websites, it appears to be quite a genuine marketplace. They have now almost 60 websites for sale with most of them making between $500 to $55k of monthly net profit. Moreover, they currently have a couple of other 7-figure deals on their website with their largest deal being $1.7 million so far.

FE International

Type of sell: fixed price

Website for sale from $50k to $2 million

FE International look very similar to Empire Flipper. Both websites focus on established websites. The company was founded in 2010, it promises a 95% sales success rate for those who are selling their website.

Biz Broker 24

Type of sell: fixed price

Website for sale from $20k to $4.5 million

Biz Broker 24 has very similar services than most the other companies listed below. Like FE International, it promises a 95% sales success rate for the seller.


Type of sell: fixed price

Website for sale from $15k to $15 million

There are currently 59 websites for sale on the website. This website has a really good filter to search for the relevant website you are looking to buy.


We sell your site

Type of sell: fixed price

We sell your website focus as well on premium web-based businesses. They have around 10 websites to sell at the moment.

Website for sale from $50k to $5 million

Digital Point

Digital point is a forum that allows their member to sell their website online. Most websites for sale are not really expensive as they are low traffic websites.

There are various ways to sell or buy a website/online business on the internet. Most website brokers target high traffic websites but others like Flippa and Digital Point allow anyone to sell their website even with very little to no traffic. If you intend to buy, it would be wise doing some research before buying one of those websites because not all opportunities are interesting. Please leave a comment if you found this article useful or if you found other brokers to add to this list.

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