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Top 5 Forums For Entrepreneurs

Top 5

Top 5 forums for entrepreneurs

24 Jan , 2017  

Here is a list of the most interesting forums for entrepreneurs. There is all sort of topics available from accounting, sales & marketing to programming. on those forums, you can find all sort of common questions and answers on how to start a business.

Top 5 forums

  1. Biz Warriors Forum

    Biz Warriors Forum topics cover discussions about planning a project, execute on a project, marketing & sales, technology, growth…The most discussed subject is called ‘General Business and Entrepreneurship’ includes interesting discussions about competing with bigger companies, sales, risk management…

  2. Startup Nation Forum

    Startup Nation Forum topics are more generic than some other forum as they provide discussions about accounting, finance, manage a business, marketing & sales, business operation…

  3. Warrior Forum

    Most of the content in this forum covers internet marketing. Lots of discussions on SEO, Social Media, advertisement banners on your site, email marketing… This is a great place for website owners to share strategies on how to increase traffic, basic web development and build content… There is another section in the forum if you require support and need help or feedback to improve your website

  4. The Fast Lane Forum

    This forum is managed by M J DeMarco, the author of the book called ‘The Millionaire Fastlane‘. This is one of the most recommended books for entrepreneurs. But going back to the Forum, it has some similarities to the book and it covers generic topics such as investing, software, real estate, self-publishing, mindset, education, customer service, employees, sales…

  5. Digital Point Forum

    Digital Point Forum includes categories about web design and web development, business and marketing and search engine. Most of the discussions are targeting website owners. The topics go from implementing a website, to market the website. Moreover, there is a consequent part of the blog focusing on selling and buying websites, domain names, advertising…

2 Bonus forums:

Those 2 forums include all sort of topics, including entrepreneurship, but are one of the best ways to find a lot of information. Moreover, those 2 websites have a really active community so you will find answers to any questions asked.

  1. Quora

    Quora has the benefit to provide multiple answers to one question. With people upvoting the one answers that are the most relevant to the question. You can get an answer for any questions on any topic. Indeed, Quora has a huge number of questions with quality answers on the topic of entrepreneurship. In fact, it is really useful to use Quora to better understand what others think and get the different point of view of others.

  2. Reddit

    There is another blog post that enumerates the top 5 subreddits for entrepreneurs. Reddit is I believe one of the best ways to learn from others and ask whichever question you want. It is definitely not focusing on advertising your product or service but way to get your product or service reviewed and help others who have their own side projects.

I hope that list was helpful to you and that you will learn a lot from other people. Please feel free to leave a comment and add more forums if you have any in mind.

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Alexis is passionate about writing content in order to help startup founder to get their business started. Moreover, he is a web developer that love building useful websites.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Great information, it seems very useful for freelancers as well.

    • alexis says:

      Thank you, Lorena, for your comment. It is true that Freelancers usually work in a startup environment, so that is a very helpful feedback. I will take note of that.

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