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Nick Vujicic – Good days & bad days

25 Sep , 2015   Video

Very interesting video from Nick Vujivic, an Australian guy really inspiring with a real motivation.

Good Days & Bad Days

The speaker is explaining how lucky we are and that there is people worst than the problem your face. In fact, throughout our life we have good days & bad days.

in his video Nick is mentioning several important facts at the end of the video.
These are 3 questions that you should always ask to yourself in order to improve your life.

  1. Who are you and what your value is?

  2. What is your purpose here in life?

  3. What is your destiny when you are done here?

Here are some questions that you could answer by sending us a comment and we will be glad to start a discussion around these questions.

source: Nick Vujivic – youtube

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