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8 traits of successful people – Richard St. John

19 Aug , 2016   Video


John has a really interesting way to analyse what skills people needs to work on to achieve success. He interviewed hundreds of successful people and as a conclusion, he came up with 8 similarities.

8 similarities successful people have:

  1. Passion: If there is no passion, there is no motivation. It is like giving up before you even start. Better do something else if you do not like what you do. Imagine doing something you hate for the rest of your life. This is simply out of question.
  2. Work: Without work, there is no results. You can dream as long as you want about an idea, If you do not put the time and effort, do not expect the dream to become a reality.
  3. Focus: It is important to create habits and focus on that idea that you have. If you focus enough, you will not quit. As long as your are not quitting, you are focusing. The key is to have a vision and stick on that vision. Ultimately that vision will drive you to stay focus.
  4. Push: push yourself constantly to do things that you would not be able to in the past. It helps to discover new techniques that sometimes are much more efficient than what you were doing in the past. Take challenges and overcome your fears.
  5. Ideas: always come up with new ideas. These ideas that could help your product or service to make more sales or more views… Always spend some time and write down all your ideas. See what works, what does not. But essentially keep the one that work best. Out of 100 ideas only few will be really useful to you.
  6. Improve: the best way to improve is by asking others what they think about your product or service. They will usually tell you what is missing or what could be improved. From there, do not take things negatively. Keep calm and fix the issues that most people are mentioning.
  7. Serve: what is essential is to deliver what you promised you would do. If you said you would do something, just do it. As long as you deliver, people will trust you. The more trust the better for your business.
  8. To be great: the 8th trait means that all these steps needs to be constantly repeated. This cycle eventually will make you successful by sticking on it.

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