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Sadness and Happiness


Stay happy and away from sadness

23 Aug , 2016  

Quote – Happiness and Sadness

“Sadness is like a disease, it takes over you and breaks you down. Happiness, on the other hand, is contagious and you should spread more of it.” – unknown


There is a subject that we all want to hear about, and this is happiness. Everyone seeks happiness, whether it is travelling, having a family, spending more time with your family, buying a house,  starting a company and so on. But there is another subject that most people much less appreciate to talk about and this is sadness. Every individual is seeking for happiness, however, we all know that sadness could come at any time. We all face it at some point. Nevertheless, being sad myself in the past and really seeking for happiness I must say that it is possible to live a happier life in general.

The 5 tips to be happier and away from sadness

1. Do not listen to what others says unless it is constructive

There are so many people in the world that are unhappy. I will never forget when I was at school in France. I used to often laugh because I just wanted to be a happy person. But people were telling me that I was smiling too much. They were pretty much wondering what was wrong with me. I said that there were nothing wrong, I just wanted to be happy. They thought I was just not confident because I was smiling all the time. That made me fell sad for years. But what I realised is that you have the power to listen only what you want to listen. I was just listening to the sad comments people made, not the happy ones. Your brain can decide whether you are happy or not. You just need to work on your happiness. If anyone tells you something negative and it is not constructive, just ignore it. Only focus on constructive feedback as it helps you to improve.

2. Work on yourself

I know it is hard to believe but there are techniques that help to stop from being sad. One of them is to always remember that in the world, somewhere, there is someone that is suffering more than you. Someone is dying right now, someone else is in massive pain, and another person has just been humiliated on TV or in front of thousands of people. Do you really think your problem is as bad as theirs? 99% of the time it is nothing really important so forget it. Another technique consists of working on yourself to forget the problem as soon as it comes and hit you. This takes time to implement but it is very useful because whenever you think of something sad, stop thinking about it, stay busy doing something and switch your brain to focus on the happiest moment of your life, or simply the best day of your life.

2. The right friends

Choose the right friends! choose the ones that are positive, happy and always want to do the things that you love doing. Try to eliminate friends that drag you down and make you sad. Just think of 3 people you like and find out why you like them. Do the same with the one you do not like. From there, you will be able to judge whether you have a possibility to like a new contact or not. The world is giving you the right to choose, just do it.

3. Change your life

First of all, you have to seek what you love doing. What is the point of living in this world if you never seek to do the thing that you love to do according to my experience, if you do not like something just figure out a way to change the situation and create one that will make you happier. Take action, if you do not like your job, look for another one, do not stay at the present work just because someone else helped you to get it or because you think you cannot get another job. Take the responsibilities and after a attempting a couple of time, you will do exactly what you were previously aiming for. Of course, not everyone knows what they want. The only advice to give is to keep looking. Somehow, you will find it and when you find it it is going to be great.

4. Share the love

Especially on a tuff day or when something bad just happens, you need to talk to your closest friends. Take 3 to 5 of your closest friends or family member and just send them a message or call them.  Tell them how much you love them or how valuable they are to you and why they are such great people. Do not even focus on your problem, just focus on the reasons why you love them. That way, you will make them 10 times happier and they will reply by saying how important you are for them too. This will make you feel so much better.

5. Stay Healthy

Being healthy is the key to happiness. As I was overweight in the past, I was always sad because I worried about what other people were thinking of me. Then, one day I decided to make a change and started going to the gym at least 4 times a week no matter how I felt motivated or not. Moreover, I was watching my diet, eating fruits, vegetables, nuts… After losing almost 20 kgs in less than a year, I could feel that I was so much happier. Before people were telling me that I should do something about my weight and of course that made me feel sad. But recently, people gave me positive comments telling me how healthy I was.


Remember that it is important to remain happy as much as you can. Being happy makes you fearless, more productive, and as a snowball effect, it makes people around you happier. Do not let other people tell you that happiness is for weaker personalities. You deserve to be happy, life is too short!

Please leave a comment about your previous experience on that topic, how do you handle sadness and create happiness?.

One last thing!

One last thing that really helped me to stay positive when I had a bad day:

This amazing video from Nick Vujicic: Good Days & Bad Days


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    Good stuff man. Definitely agree with the tips you gave.

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