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“Equity Crowdfunding” Coming Soon!

31 Aug , 2016  

This is a summary of an interview with Nathan Rose, discussing the launch of his first book: Equity Crowdfunding: The complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies

Author Background

Nathan Rose is a ‘digital nomad’ which means that he own a business and travels the world. At the time we were talking, he was in Germany. He explained that he is currently living the dream that  describes in his book called: the 4 Hour Work Week. However, Nathan mentioned that he needed to spend much more than 4 hours a week on his business.

Book: Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding

Nathan’s book will be completed on the 1st of November 2016. You can right now get a draft of the book if you sign up to this page:

What is the topic?

This is an “how to” book that explains the advantages and disadvantages of equity crowdfunding. It will guide entrepreneurs owning a startup or an already established business on how to get started with equity crowdfunding. The main benefit of equity crowdfunding, like the other type of investments is to scale the company in order to grow faster than the competitors. Nathan travelled around the world to interview multiple companies. In his book, he included over a dozen different case study that used equity crowdfunding, including companies from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand…. Some companies interviewed in the book are innovative, others are more traditional.

The purpose of the book is:

  • Understand the equity crowdfunding phenomenon
  • Decide whether it is the best option
  • Choose the best crowdfunding platform
  • Craft their pitch
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Execute it during the days their offer is live
  • Know what to do next, after the end of the campaign

Who is this book targeting?

As mentioned previously, This book focuses on startups or businesses that need funding to scale their business. There is no specific time for a company to get funding, one example described in the book got funding after 6 months while another waited for 20 years. In fact, businesses need a proof of concept before to get funding and that is the only thing that matters before getting an investment. The amount in the examples given varies from under $100k up to $5 million euros.

In one sentence, this book is dedicated to business owners looking to scale their business using equity crowdfunding.

Why writing this book?

In his opinion, there is little information on the topic. Of course, we can find several blog posts talking about the subject but nothing clear that explains all the steps involved and describe in details how to get started with equity crowdfunding.

Nathan’s secret to write a great book

  • Be a great writer, starting from writing blog posts and keep on improving over time in order to later successfully write a book
  • Stick to deadlines, the book needs to be ready the day of the publication so, organisational skills are essentials.
  • Choose the perfect topic, there are already so many books, so you need to find your niche.
  • Marketing is key in order to successfully market the book.

The book is coming soon, but you can right now sign up to get informed on its progress. It was a pleasure talking with Nathan as he is a really friendly person.


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