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Why a business idea is not enough to succeed?


Why a business idea is not enough to succeed?

26 Mar , 2017  

Of course, everyone agrees that any businesses started with a business idea. In fact, Microsoft started writing software for computers. Apple started building computers in their garage. Facebook started a university networking website. But is it really enough to have an idea in order to succeed? Many people believe that if you have a great idea, you could become successful overnight. But that does not work like that. Lots of work is required in order to make that idea off the ground.

Your skills

Your skills should match to the skills of your business idea. For example, if you are willing to start a search engine but that you do not know about website development, online marketing or even using a computer, then, you should be looking for another idea that matches your skills or to start learning the skills required to start the project.

Write a business plan

A business plan can be very handy and very useful as a guide, however, it is just a paper or a word document including the idea and the steps towards making a successful business. There have been many debates over the internet explaining whether to write a business plan, a business model canvas or no business plan.

After looking at different opinions, It seems like business plans are usually asked by investors. Others believe that writing a business plan is a waste of time unless you are building something that already exists, or if you are an expert, such approach would be hard to implement. Finally, The Lean Startup book describes a very interesting version of a business plan called business model canvas. It is a one-page business plan that summarizes your business and allows further updates after testing your idea. If you require more information about it: here is a link. Thus, the business model canvas is probably the best strategy when you have no clue if your idea would work.

Share your idea

I talked with lots of people that shared their interest to start a business. I remember a couple telling me that they were unable to share their business idea. The reason was that they wanted to keep it secret as they were afraid that someone would steal their idea. But would you rather keep your idea secret? or share it with others? Sharing ideas with others is a great way to start knowing if your idea is easily achievable or unrealistic. In fact, some people may tell you that your idea is not useful (as I often experienced), but unless they give constructive feedback you should conclude that your idea is bad. From those feedbacks, we can easily fix what people think it is not right. Then pitch the new idea with those new elements.

Start working

I know it sounds stupid but what is important is to start implementing your idea now. It is already one step forward.

if you:

  • are a developer and willing to develop a new website, start coding.
  • want to start a blog, start writing.
  • want to start a company in a specific industry, go and start to work in that industry or if you are motivated enough start a business in that field without experience, go for it.

As long as you are doing something that will help you reaching your goals or be related to your business idea, you are on the right path. No need to wait for the best possible time to start.


There are projects that can be started at any time but others need to be carefully analyzed. The world has been constantly changing over the last centuries. Civilizations are trying to constantly build advanced technology in order to compete and as a matter of facts, they become more efficient over time.

Now is the era of communication, we always try to find ways to communicate more rapidly and exchange even more information than ever. That is why so many internet companies are so highly valued at the moment: Facebook, Twitter, Google… So if you were to start a Facebook alternative right now, it would be so difficult. But if you find what Facebook was not able to think about and develop it, you will have a chance. In other words, if you are capable of doing better, then you have a chance. As long as it is much better than what you competitors do.


Do you know the right people? Or do you have the right contacts that will help you out in your journey? Having a few contact will be very useful at the beginning. If you know people that are already working on their idea or already have a small business or even running a successful company, that will be very useful. The more people you know the more opportunities it will give you.

The point I am trying to make here is that most people believe it is just having an idea and start working on it. But the truth is, most people that started a successful business worked for other companies previously in the fields related to their business idea. They did not just come up with the idea waking up one morning and started suddenly working on it. There are a number of skills to acquire before being able to start a company. Then, they need to work on their projects for months or even years before it starts to take off and become profitable.

Now that is what I conclude from many sources. but if you have another opinion, please let us know and share your experience by leaving a comment.


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