Passion-Filled Motivation for Start up Founders

Interview with “The Carrot” founders

1 Jul , 2020  

interview with thecarrot

This is an interview with Armand Bogdan and Ricardo, two entrepreneurs from the United States that founded a dividend tracking application called “The Carrot”. During the interview, we will ask them about their background, then about their current application and where they want to go moving forward.

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“Equity Crowdfunding” Coming Soon!

31 Aug , 2016  

equity crowdfunding book interview

This is a summary of an interview with Nathan Rose, discussing the launch of his first book: Equity Crowdfunding: The complete Guide For Startups And Growing Companies Author Background Nathan Rose is a ‘digital nomad’ which means that he own a business and travels the world. At the time we were talking, he was in Germany. He explained […]