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Top 5 sureddits for entrepreneurs

Top 5

Top 5 Subreddits for entrepreneurs

24 Oct , 2016  

What is Reddit and how to use it efficiently?

Reddit welcome communities from different interest to chat and help each other around different topics. Reddit’s  members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Other members can comment, upvote or downvote your content.

Warning: do not expect to visit Reddit and post your website contents everywhere hoping to get many website views. Reddit is very savvy and even you just introduce yourself by showing your project can get you banned for a period of time. Thus, to prevent that case scenario, read carefully each subreddit’s rules in the sidebar.

That’s said, Reddit is often time a great way to meet quality people that share the same interests. In fact, you can find a lot of great answers up there and you will get lots of quality answers for each question you ask.

Top 5 Subreddit for Entrepreneurs

1. Entrepreneur


Members: 213k

This is a community for giving and receiving advice related to the topic of Entrepreneurship. However, 10 comment karma are required before you can start posting some content on this forum. They aim to share member’s successes and failures related to entrepreneurship. In addition, you can post a content about where you are at on your business journey and what you want to improve.

2. Startups


Members: 119k

This subreddit is very similar to “Entrepreneur” subreddit. In fact, Everyone is welcome to share their knowledge from beginner to expert level. Furthermore,  this group focuses on finding ways to grow or scale your business rapidly. In addition, This forum welcomes people already building a startup or simply have an interest in starting a business. Finally, You can get other members to judge your idea or project. For example,

3. Small Business


Members: 54k

This forum focuses on small businesses of any kind. Unlike ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘startups’ subreddits, ‘small business’ does not  focus on big ideas but aims to help any kind of small business. Furthermore,  You can add a comment about your business to their weekly posts:
See this link as an example.

4. Side Project


Members: 15k

This subreddit allow anyone to get constructive feedback on your project. In fact, it helps passionate individuals to share their side project to the public in order to get relevant feedback. In my opinion, I found it a great way to start if you have a small personal thing to share and really get started moving from a tiny little project to a small business.

5. Grow My Business


Members: 6k

Again, this group allows people to get feedback from their project. On one hand, This community allows users to get feedback and advice from their product, or giveaway to people some free services. On the other hand, this group is definitely willing to protect its members against spam or all other ways that you influence the other member to buy your product.


To conclude, if you need guidance when building your product, subreddits will be one great solution to improve your product and keep you motivated during the long journey of a startup. Thus, It is certainly the best way to stay in contact with people that really want to build something and that are willing to make a better world.


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