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Tony Robbins

What they dont teach you about FEAR

6 Nov , 2015   Video

Tony Robbins explains in the video how to overcome your fear in order to be more successful.

Description of fear by Tony Robbins

Most people are scared to challenges as they believe that is it simply not possible to achieve success. This video demonstrate that this is just a mental decision that we make to ourself to create challenges and become successful. Of course, this process takes time and need to be approached step by step as no one is able to achieve their dream overnight. We need to make up our mind and think it is simply possible to achieve that goal. If you believe you can achieve it then you already did half of the job.

Example: A salesman needs to set up his mind that the product he is selling is great before he can actually sell it to other people. So, if you do not have this motivation,  the sale will not be made.

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