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Why use social media for your startup?


Why use social media for your startup?

1 May , 2017  

Most people use social media to communicate with their friends or keep in touch with their business contacts. In fact, every teenager and young adults are using social networking websites on a daily basis. Even seniors are now using them more and more to communicate with their children.

You do use social media

There is not point arguing with the fact that you are using at least one social networking platform every day. For example, if you are looking for a job or contacting people you would use LinkedIn. In case you wanna chat with your friends and share your photos you are going to use Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, if you like to watch a few videos about your passion, you may be using Youtube.

Businesses create content every day to reach their clients

Those networking websites can be useful for businesses to target their client. It has become a lot easier nowadays to find new clients using those platforms as compared with the traditional ways. Indeed, you are able to approach a lot of people online without really spending money at the fist place. Businesses now spend a lot of time building social media profiles over the internet to grow their business and spread the word.

Social Media are now used to win elections

Even politics now use social media for their political campaign. For example, before the election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were communicating to their audiences using social media. As Donald Trump’s twitter account was larger than Hillary Clinton. People assumed that Donald won the election because of that strategy.


Here is below an infographic that describes how social media is becoming an integral part of people’s life and business. It may help your business to choose the right networking website depending on who you are willing to target.

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