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Why entrepreneurs are important for our economy?


Why entrepreneurs are important for our economy

22 Feb , 2017  

Since Internet was available for everyone to use, people were able to communicate with each other globally. In fact, people were easily able to start a business without a shop and it has become easier for anyone to become an entrepreneur. Nowadays, most people can become an entrepreneur if they just have the will to never give up and keep pushing through when time is difficult. So now that you know that it is possible, I want to share with you the numerous reasons why successful entrepreneurs benefit the country’s economy or even the world’s economy.

1. They create new business opportunities and jobs

Entrepreneurs benefit the community by giving the opportunity for their new businesses to create jobs. Most of the opportunities come from small businesses or startups as they can have the potential to scale and become a large corporation if they growth successfully. Indeed, research has demonstrated that start-ups or small businesses create more jobs than bigger business. Here is the link. So entrepreneurs have all the reasons to seduce us as it allows us to find new opportunities.

2. They change the way we live and work

In fact, with the evolution of human civilization, humans changed drastically their daily life from being a hunter to now being an employee. In fact, most people now requires jobs to survive and no longer require to hunt. Entrepreneurs helped us to improve our standard of living by offering a more comfortable life over the last centuries.

3. They pay taxes, unlike most people think

Entrepreneurs pay taxes for the benefit of the government. Those taxes provides basic services to help the community. Of course, everyone pays taxes, but as companies create sometimes greats wealth, the country benefits from that wealth by taking a part of that profit.

4. The economy would freeze on their absence

In fact, if there were no entrepreneurs, nothing would have really changed. People would have lived like any other animals. Fortunately, some people took actions that lead us to change our way of living. If today there would be no entrepreneurs, life would stay the same, for example, Taxis companies would have worked the same way as they used to, but Uber came to the market and is already dominating the market in some countries.

5. Introduce new technology in the market and create new wealth

Even if most of the time entrepreneurs do not invent new technologies, they have the power to introduce them to the market by offering a service or product that uses this new technology. Which allow everyone to have that new technology and use it. Thus, it increases our standard of living as it can allow us to save us time, save us to work harder to do the same thing, enjoy life more comfortably…

6. Increase confidence in people, the power of positive thinking

Entrepreneurs are not like most people that spend their time blaming other people or complaining about unlucky they are. They have dreams, inspire people to work, and are always motivated for success. We always need those type of people as they aim for a better future and do not stop at their first attempt.

As we can see, there are many reasons why entrepreneurs benefit our life. Without then, life would be less comfortable and much harder to live. In fact, from the time you wake up to your comfortable bed, go with your car much faster than by walk, and work on a computer sitting on a chair most of a day, considering you are a westerner. It is all around us, without them we would still be living in the forest.

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